You Are The Architect Of Your Own Destiny


Your dreams, decisions and deeds

Are the fodder on which destiny feeds.

O Mystical Man, you have the wings to fly

Flutter them and try.

Know no leaps or bounds,

And your dreams will be found.


Brake old barriers, chart new course,

Sail ahead with full force.

Build foundations strong and wide,

For that will help your castle to survive ( jolts, quakes or landslides).

Your determination, dedication and devotion to the cause,

Must go undeterred without pause.


You are a designer freak

Design your destiny. Chances are bleak

It will not listen to you.

But this fact is realised only by a few,

And they today rule the world

While the others in their own cocoons are curled.


O thy Mortal, arise, awaken from your slumber,

Don’t lose hope, courage you muster.

From the ashes of the old and obsolete,

Rise the phoenix of all that is pertinent and concrete

To take you higher and higher in your quest

Your conquest, the universe will attest.


If you detour, deviate or dwell in the past,

A black shadow will be cast.

So, stop building castles in the air

You are the architect, go out there

Chart the path of your life.

To help, the universe shall strive.


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Contrasting times






Chirping birds, innocent laughter

 Vibrant butterflies children ran after

 Oh, dew on roses, green grass and trees

 No smog in the morning, cool evening breeze.


No asthma or SARS

No late night TV hours

Books were companion to the children

Oh, the olden days were golden.


Grandpa, Grandma, uncles and aunts

Giant families had huge children gangs

Sharing, caring, loving together

Life was fun and simple rather.


No hectic pace, no mad race

Writing letters was people’s craze

Honesty, integrity took precedence

Over money, power and influence


No terrorist attacks, no war cry

No orphan, injured children, no wet eye

How green was the valley 100 years ago

I wonder the robotic generation would ever know!


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Hello world!

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